Makeup Monday: nail polish

I go through phases of nail polish versus natural nails. When I’m in my nail polish phase, I tend to gravitate toward a certain shade of color (dark). I tend to gravitate to essie nail colors and the Sally Hansen lines because they have the colors I like the best. However, I am not a nail color snob and if another brand has a color I like, that’s what I’ll buy. One thing I don’t ever skip on is my essie “here to stay” base coat. I remember one time before I bought it, I had worn a red and finally removed it. My nails were stained a weird yellow orange that made my fingers look like I was a carton-a-day smoker. I swore never again and bought the base coat.

I was searching for my favorite nail colors and was having a hard time finding the exact color. That’s what sucks about these “releases,” the colors are limited time only. I found the closest match to what I have, but they may not be exact. I also like polishes that only need 1 or 2 coats, that’s probably why I like the darker colors. To get an even looking color with light colors, it just takes too long for me. I’m sure I could buy a gel polish or something, but I’m not interested in all that. I want a simple nail color that goes on easily, doesn’t destroy my nail, lasts a decent amount of time, and is easy to take off.

I really love when my nail color accidentally matches my thread color…
  1. My all time favorite (my #1) is essie’s ‘heart of the jungle.’ It is such a good shade of green that goes well all year round. It is no longer available (at least on the essie site or ‘Win my over’ is pretty darn close.
  2. My second choice is ‘in plane view,’ also by essie, and also unavailable. ‘After school boy blazer’ is similar, but not an exact match. ‘In plane view’ has a touch of gray in it where ‘after school boy blazer’ is a dark navy. Still pretty, and I still may purchase it… Anyways, it’s the color in my photo above (taken at night in lamplight). It really is the color of the thread.
  3. When I was looking for a good neutral that had good one coat coverage, I found essie’s ‘petal pushers,’ which is amazingly still available! I’m guessing it is one of their permanent colors? It is not too light and not too dark, the Goldilocks of greys. Appropriate for work, home, and play.
  4. You may be noticing a trend, I like the darker colors. Sally Hansen’s Extreme Wear ‘with the beet’ is no exception. My only caveat, when you take it off, it gets all over your cuticle which just means you need more polish remover and cotton balls than normal. For some reason, the website makes it look like purple. I can attest, it is a dark red, like a cooked beet.
  5. When I’m feeling a little extra, I love having gold nails. Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri Go for Gold is perfect. The Insta-Dri’s are nice, but you can’t put a thick layer on and expect it to instantly dry, I like to do several thin layers.
  6. And because everyone needs a good red, I found that Sally Hansen’s ASAP Apple is a good, pure, bright red. Sometimes reds have a little too much pink or orange in them for me, but this is the closest to a fire engine red that looks good on your fingers. Again, it’s the Insta-Dri which is great for me because I don’t like sitting around with wet nails for hours on end.
  7. Last, but not least, a color I don’t wear often but still love, Salon Perfect’s ‘Show Me the Money.‘ It is a neon pop of color and a lot of fun. If I still had to go into the office, I would keep this just for my toes, but since I work from home I’ll paint my fingernails with it. Neon just doesn’t seem office appropriate to me, but every so often, I need it in my life. It looks more muted on the website, but it is bright.

When looking for the similar colors to the ones that I love that no longer exist, I found ‘off tropic’ by essie and have fallen in love. I’m going to have to stop at the store and get it! What a pretty emerald color.

In closing, love your nails and don’t forget a topcoat for shine!

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