Get the most out of your products

I honestly thought everyone knew to do this with their beauty products, but after talking to some friends, I realized it isn’t common knowledge.

So you know at the end of using a lotion, or makeup, etc. there is always that little bit you just can’t get out no matter how you squeeze or twist the container? To make sure you use every last drop, just cut off the top of the container (make sure you just cut off in one straight line) and scoop out all that extra product! Then, you use the portion you cut off as a top. There’s usually several days of product left so you’ll want to keep it fresh.

I’m all about saving as much money as possible and the way I look at it is all those extra days of product I get add up. I’m also one of those people that drain their old shampoo bottle into their new one. A penny saved is a penny earned and whatnot.

Happy savings!

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