Caught my eye

1… Literally – Rob Lowe Podcast

I struggle to find podcasts that I like, the popular ones have so many commercials and I can only listen to so many self improvement and gossip podcasts. Rob Lowe’s is more of just him talking to people about nothing really in particular. I love it! And since he started it in 2020, I have a ton of episodes to listen to.

2… Memphis aquifer

Did you know the water in the Memphis aquifer is 2000 years old?! It’s literally biblical.

3… Vanessa Hudgens AD house tour

My husband and I love watching Architectural Digest home tours. Previously, Dakota Johnson, Kendall Jenner, and Rainn Wilson had our favorite houses, but Vanessa’s knocked them off their pedestal.

4… Has the artist seen a baby

This had me rolling. The girl goes through paintings and rates if the artist has seen a baby or not. My favorite: “he’s seen a drunk man and said you’re a baby.”

5… Ugliest house in America – I go through HGTV phases where that is all I watch for a week or two. I randomly selected the HGTV app on our Roku and “Ugliest House in America” was the top option. I think Retta is hilarious and chose to watch the show because of her. The premise is that Retta travels to different regions of the country and looks at 3 different houses. From those houses, she chooses the ugliest in the region. The winners of each region compete against each other to win a $150,000 makeover. It turns on, the ugliest house competing in the Southeast region is near Chattanooga in Soddy Daisy, TN. If you watch the show, you know how crazy this house is. And then, we read the Reddit discussion on it… I just had to see it in person! Thankfully, I have a husband who participates in my crazy ideas. The house just sold (like the week the show aired and this picture was taken) so no one is living in it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have taken the photo.

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