This summer Andrew and I wanted to get away from the house for a week because we were getting cabin fever. Covid had halted our travel plans for 2020, and we still weren’t comfortable flying in the Summer of 2021. After looking at reasonable driving distances on Google Maps, we settled on renting a cabin in Lake Glenville, NC. We stayed for a week and had a great time hiking, boating, shopping, and relaxing.

When October came around, we were looking at our schedules and realized that we could take another week’s vacation the week before Thanksgiving. We thought about it and researched other places, but we decided we wanted to return to a place that we already knew because the purpose of this trip would be to just relax. We never go to the same spot twice, but this year, it just felt right. The cabin that we rented is on a little creek, has a great screened porch, and a remote controlled gas fireplace. To be honest, the real draw to go back to the cabin was that fireplace. Trust me, we utilized it. We basically kept it on the entire time we were there.

The drive down was fairly uneventful, thankfully. However, our dog is not the biggest fan of the car so getting to the cabin was a relief. We instantly felt relaxed the second we walked in the place (it helps that the owners’ have smooth jazz playing on all the tv’s upon arrival). The first full day we were there, we just relaxed, read books, spent time together, and split a bottle of Moet. The second day, we went into Cashier’s for lunch. Our restaurant choices were limited because it is the off season and most places don’t open until Wednesday, and we were there on Tuesday. We ended up eating at Slabtown Pizza. If you are ever in the area, you HAVE to eat there. I enjoyed it so much, we ended up getting take out later that week. After that, it was another night of relaxation.

On our second to last day, we drove into Highlands and went antique shopping. We also stopped and had a beer at Satulah Mountain Brewing Company. I had an IPA with Guava; it was delicious! Later that week, on the way home, we drove through Highlands again and stopped at Reclamation. This store was amazing. I could have spend hours looking at all the antiques, but I was on a mission. I’ve been looking for a cigar press since I passed up one a few years ago. Reclamations had 8 in stock, so I ended up getting one finally.

During the week, we also sat in the sun by the creek, saw some deer, and Andrew saw some trout (I never did). There was a lunar eclipse on one night, so we woke up at 4 AM to look at the moon. We ended up seeing 2 shooting stars in addition to the eclipse! It wasn’t all sunshine and Moet though, the cabin door has a keypad lock that just happened to die when we were sitting down by the creek. We were locked out for about an hour before Andrew was able to jimmy open the screen door and we got inside just before the temperature really dropped!

All in all, we had a great trip to Lake Glenville. It was very different than our summer trip, but that is exactly what we wanted. A change of scenery, and a recharge to our systems.

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